Savor Live helps you take control of your bottom line. With this platform, there are no more hidden costs or opaque transaction fees. With our built-in payment platform, in partnership with Elavon (a subsidiary of U.S. Bank and a top processor in Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, and Education), we offer increase transparency, empowering you to keep more money in your pocket. Here's how it works:
Security You Can Trust:
  • Elavon is a subsidiary of US Bank and utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology, creating a secure digital wallet that safeguards your sensitive information.
  • They handle all security measures around credit card processing, allowing you to focus on running your business and building loyal relationships with your customers.
Lifting the Transaction Fee Curtain with Interchange Plus: What is Interchange?
  • This is the base fee paid to credit card companies
  • Traditional payment processors often bury interchange rates by charging a flat rate transaction fee, which generally mirrors the highest of rates, at times charging 2-3% higher than the true interchange rate plus an addition 10-30 cents per transaction! It shouldn’t be a one-size fits all model when it comes to transaction fees.
What is Interchange Plus?
  • With Interchange Plus pricing, you pay much closer to the true interchange rate plus + 10 cents. You will be able to see the exact interchange rate for each transaction (based on factors like card type and transaction method) along with our clearly defined margin for services.
Maximize Profits and Build Creditworthiness:
  • By working directly with Elavon, you'll obtain your own Merchant Identification Number (MID).
  • This establishes your business as a legitimate entity with financial institutions, potentially improving your creditworthiness and opening doors to future loans for business growth. Over time, these advantages can translate into significant cost savings.
Customer paying via mobile tap.
Contact the Savor Live App Platform to see how you can upgrade your day-to-day cafe operations while taking control of your bottom line.

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