Whether you're looking for cookie packaging for pineapple, chocolate chip, taro, dark chocolate, coconut, lemon, guava, and etc. - we've got you covered! Here are 3 easy tips to get your project started:
1) Determine the size and how many cookies you're looking to package! At Savor Brands, customizable cookie packaging is at your finger tips! If you're looking for individually wrapped cookies or a bag of cookies or a combination of both, we can create that packaging for you. To get your project started, take the time to determine the size or net weight you want to package and how you want your cookies displayed on the retail shelf. Feel free to send the Savor Brands team some examples or mockups of the look you're trying to achieve with your new cookie packaging. 💡 Pro Tip:
  • If you're looking for packaging geared towards grocery retail, we recommend to stay away from clear plastic (PET) bags as they will not protect the shelf life of your cookies.
  • For grocery retail, we recommend having a metalized layer (Metalized Polyester - METPET) to protect the shelf life and integrity of your cookies!
Maui Sugar Mamas' individually wrapped cookies.

Maui Sugar Mamas' individually wrapped cookies.

2) Packaging and Filling Facility The Savor Brands team is here to work with you to determine the best packaging based off of your production work flow. When packaging cookies and other baked goods, due to the oils and butter in these products, we recommend filling your product in a temperature controlled facility. 3) Retail Shelf Presence Whether you're selling at the farmer's market, pop-ups, local shops, or large retail stores, we're here to help you pick the best packaging based off of your retailing needs. We take into account things such as:
  • Your product turn around rate
  • Desired shelf life for your cookies
  • Long term business goals
Honolulu Cookie Lemon cookie packaging.

Honolulu Cookie Lemon cookie packaging.

Looking to complete your new cookie look? Make it a combo and add a custom box!
  • Ask our team about how a custom box can upgrade your cookie packaging.
Our team is here to collaborate with you to provide you with all the best options for you and your business as you grow. Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist you with your new cookie packaging!
Maebo's One-Ton Cookies box.

Maebo's One-Ton Cookies box.

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