Savor Brands offers packaging for all types of food products including granola.
When looking for granola packaging, there are a few things to keep to mind such as:
  • Where do you plan on retailing your granola?
  • Are you packing and storing or is the granola made to order?
  • What is your projected shelf life?
It's important to ask yourself these questions as we will tailor your project towards your business goals. What is the best packaging for granola? There is no right or wrong packaging to choose for granola, just the best packaging for your business. When to use plastic (PET) bags? Plastic (PET) bags are great if you are making your granola to order in low net weights (ex. 4oz - 8oz) and expect a quick product turnaround time. When to use METPET (metalized polyster)? We would recommend a METPET material for businesses who aim to pack and store their granola as a longer shelf life is needed. METPET is an excellent material for ensuring that your end retail consumer experiences your granola just the way you intended.
How can I get my granola packaging to stand out from my competitors? The most popular packaging you see used for granola is a stand up pouch (SUP) bag style. Here's some food for thought to potentially elevate your granola packaging:
  • Utilize the Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style with a DOY zipper. This bag style is great as you receive the use of a flat bottom pouch but also the full top opening zipper most typically seen in the SUP bag style.
  • To save on cost, you can even opt for a T-Shape Pouch and encourage to your customers to utilize jars for storage
The Savor Brands team is here to assist you in your packaging journey. Contact the team today for more tips and tricks for your granola packaging project! Don't forget to ask us about some complimentary samples!
Granola in jar

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