Did you know that in packaging, the phrase "compostable" can mean one of two things? Industrial Compostable or Home Compostable.
About Industrial Compostable Packaging: Industrial Compostable Packaging requires optimal heat conditions in order to break down and needs to be processed in an industrial composting facility. About Home Compostable Packaging: For packaging to be considered as truly home compostable, it should break down completely in your home compost bin. If you find yourself having to excavate pieces of your packaging weeks or months later to remove parts that haven't broken down, it's likely that your packaging was not made from a truly home compostable material.
Man holding green bin for green waste.
Here are 2 key things to ask when shopping for compostable packaging: Is this industrial compostable or home compostable packaging? It's important to ask this question as packaging is usually marketed as "compostable" with no clear indication if it is industrial or home compostable. What certifications do you have for your compostable packaging? Whether home or industrial compostable, it's crucial to know if the packaging is a certified compostable product and which certifying bodies provided them with their certification. Bonus question: Ask if the fully assembled bag is certified or if the certifications only apply to the individual materials used. Why is this important? Often, certifications for individual materials may not apply to the complete fully formed bag due to the way all the materials are bound together.
Our Solution: COMPOST+ Ask the Savor Brands team about COMPOST+. We offer fully certified industrial compostable packaging. COMPOST+ is certified by BPI and Din Certco. Contact our team today for more information!

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