Sustainability has long been a priority at Savor Brands. This year, we're excited to introduce our new COMPOST+ Industrial Compostable packaging.
What is Greenwashing? To make something such as a product, policy, or practice appear to be more environmentally friendly or less environmentally damaging than it really is.
Do Compostable Material Protect Your Coffee? The deterioration of coffee quality is primarily caused by exposure to light, moisture, and air. While many compostable bags on the market focus on sustainability, they may not effectively preserve coffee freshness. At Savor Brands, we prioritize both sustainability and freshness. Coffee Packaging only makes up a mere 3% of the coffee supply chain, yet it plays a crucial role in protecting the entire supply chain's integrity. Rest assured that your coffee's freshness will be well protected with our COMPOST+ industrial compostable packaging.
What is the Difference Between Bag Certification vs. Material Certification? When searching for available compostable packaging in the market, you may encounter materials labeled as certified compostable. However, combining these certified materials to form your packaging can often result in a product that no longer meets certification standards. This is due to the adhesive used to bind the materials together. We've taken on this challenge and over the years, we've worked diligently to develop the first fully certified industrial compostable bag. Our certifications focus solely on the entire finished bag and not its' individual materials.
Certification Bodies & Testing Agencies?
  • Bona fide and certified industrial compostable
Want to know more? Contact the Savor Brands team to learn more about our COMPOST+ packaging.
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