Specialty Coffee starts with YOU

The voyage of Specialty Coffee begins with farmers that dedicate themselves to our industry. We are thankful for the positivity, work ethic and science you commit to the craft of working the land to help give us the coffee we enjoy.

Your passion for coffee is the inspiration to our HERMÉTICA brand of bulk green coffee packaging. With HERMÉTICA™, we work with you side by side in helping you protect and bring green coffee to the roasters we both serve.

9 layer barrier for more protection

HERMÉTICA protects your green coffee with Nylon and EVOH, two high barrier materials mixed into our film formulation to keep out oxygen and humidity. This means we keep the fruits of your labor safe until HERMÉTICA is opened to access your coffee for roasting.

After the green coffee is emptied from our HERMÉTICA™ bags, they can be recycled via the PONO Program. Savor Brands R+R™ Boxes are complimentary to everyone in the Savor Brands ecosystem. These boxes collect used bags for reprocess and repurpose. If the roaster you work with doesn’t have a box, let us know and under your direction, we will send them one as a courtesy to you, free of charge. This allows us to work PONO (Hawaiian for do what is right) and close the loop on the packaging we create.

Savor Brands is an Elavon Payments Partner & Register Partner / ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia


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