Coffee has come to play such a significant role to many of our daily lives but where does it come from exactly?

Farm to Cup

Did you know coffee is an agricultural product and needs to be carefully grown, picked, processed, and packaged before it's roasted. Across the globe, coffee's journey begins on the sprawling plantations across areas such as Central and South America, Africa, and etc. Coffee farmers must meticulously tend to their crop. As the cherries ripen, the harvest season begins. Coffee farmers must hand pluck all the ripe cherries to ensure only the best quality cherries make it to the next phase of a coffee's journey. Once harvested, the cherries are processed where the beans are extracted and prepared for the next phase. There are a variety of ways to process coffee however the three most common are:
  • Washed (or Wet) Process creates a coffee that has more clarity and acidity
  • Natural (or Dry) Process creates a coffee with more body and complexity
  • Honey Process creates a coffee that has an enhanced sweetness and exhibit more body and complexity
These three methods produce very different attributes. Farmers may use different processes to bring out the best attributes of their various coffees. The green coffees are then packaged and shipped to roasters across the globe. Through expert roasting, the coffee goes through a transformative process. As the coffee is roasting, flavor notes can grow in complexity and provide each batch with unique qualities. The roasting phase is where the true character of the coffee is shaped and refined, ultimately preparing it for your cup.

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