For many, their journey in coffee begins with a bag of ground coffee. Whether it be freshly ground or pre-ground coffee, the path to preserving those flavors and ensuring that they reach your cup requires a crucial step: packaging.
Here are 4 things to keep in mind when packaging ground coffee:
1. Pick the right bag dimensions: Whether you’re grinding the beans in house or if your coffee comes pre-ground, it’s important to make sure you pick the right bag dimensions. If your customers are planning to grind in house, we recommend a bag width minimum of 125mm-130mm as it accommodates most grinder nozzles. 2. Have an aluminum barrier: To ensure your ground coffee has a prolonged shelf life, we recommend having an aluminum barrier. Aluminum has been found to be the best barrier as it provides the best protection against air, light, and moisture which are all factors to the deterioration of your coffee quality. 3. Incorporate a ground valve: When packaging ground coffee, make sure your packaging has a degassing valve made for ground coffee. Degassing valves for ground coffee will have a built-in filter to prevent coffee grounds from blocking and negating the benefits of the one-way valve. 4. Secure bag with an airtight seal: Oxygen is one of coffee’s greatest enemies and oxidation can cause a degrade of flavor. Make sure to properly heat seal your packaging so that oxygen cannot penetrate in.
Packaging ground coffee doesn’t have to be difficult! With the right bag choice, it can make all the difference in shelf life and preserving the flavors and aroma of your coffee. Whether you’re a small batch or large roaster, keeping these 4 things in mind will ensure that your ground coffee remains delicious in every cup.

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