How to Determine Bag Style? There are various bag styles available for packaging your cacao nibs, but it's important to keep in mind your customer's usability when selecting a bag style.
  • One popular choice for cacao nibs is the Stand-Up Pouch (SUP) bag style. It features a large top opening zipper, making it easy for your customers to pour or scoop out the cacao nibs. The zipper also provides a convenient resealable option for your retail customers.
**Having trouble picking a bag style? Reach out to the Savor Brands team for some complimentary samples! What is the Best Food Packaging Material? At Savor Brands, we provide a variety of bag materials to make your packaging stand out on retail shelves. However, the most crucial material for packaging cacao nibs is having a base METPET (metalized polyester) material. It helps extend the shelf life of your product compared to regular clear plastic (PET) bags.
Kahuku Farms Cacao Nibs Packaging (HI).

Kahuku Farms Cacao Nibs Packaging (HI).

How Do I Finalize My Bag Dimensions? We offer fully customizable bag dimensions however it is important to keep in mind your bag footprint especially if you plan to retail in grocery stores. Make sure to check with your grocery store representative to ensure that your bag dimensions will fit within their footprint requirements. If you need assistance will finalizing bag dimensions, let the Savor Brands team know! Retail Requirements? Consider your retail environment when determining your bag dimensions. Whether you're selling online, at farmers' markets, or in grocery stores, our experienced Savor Brands team can help you make the right packaging decisions for your business. We also offer these additional bag features that are perfect for grocery retail:
  • Hang Holes
  • Tear Notch
  • EZ Peel
Reach out to our team to learn more about each feature!
Kahuku Farms products on retail shelf.

Kahuku Farms products on retail shelf.

Pro Tip 💡 It's important to be in compliance with FDA guidelines. The lower third of your front panel on your packaging must indicate:
  • Net Weight or Net Wt.
  • Net weight must be indicated in both ounces and grams
**All images used with permission from Kahuku Farms.

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