Unsure if a bag is a METPET material? Conduct a light test with your phone flashlight. If light shows through, it is made of a METPET material. If no light shows through, the bag is made of an Aluminum material.
Packaging Light Test
At Savor Brands, our packaging is made with an aluminum layer because compared to metalized polyester (METPET), aluminum provides the best protection from air, moisture, and light which are all known to cause coffee deterioration. Here are 4 reasons why METPET could be not ideal for your business: AIR EXPOSURE: Coffee is highly susceptible to oxidation which leads to loss of flavor and aroma. METPET is less airtight than aluminum and thus allows oxygen to enter your packaging and cause your coffee’s quality to degrade. LIGHT EXPOSURE: Exposure to UV light is another leading cause to your coffee’s quality deterioration and development of off-flavors. Although METPET provides some protection from light, it is not nearly as effective as aluminum. The aluminum material is comparable to a metal can in terms of its ability to preserve your product and protect from UV light. SHELF LIFE: Since the METPET material does not provide the optimal amount of protection against air and light, if you do not expect a fast product turnaround, coffee packaged in this material will experience a much shorter shelf life. COST: Although the cost of METPET packaging may seem attractive, the potential costs of reduced shelf life and compromised coffee quality may ultimately outweigh the savings. Preserving your coffee’s freshness is important. Having a protective material like aluminum will not only extend your coffee’s shelf life but it will preserve the flavor and taste of your coffee much longer than the METPET material. Your coffee beans deserves the most protective packaging.
Interested in learning more? Our Director of Coffee Marc Marquez has also done research on Packaging Flavor Perception.

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