Premium finishes are a great way to elevate your coffee packaging and coffee brand. Premium finishes can create anything from a more aesthetic presence to even providing a tactile feel. They're a great way to stand out from the crowd not only on the shelf but also in the hands of your customers as well!
Kona Moo: Tactile Material
Here at Savor Brands, we understand that every coffee company is unique and we aim to assist you in picking the best material finish that fits your needs and branding. That's why we offer quite a few premium packaging finishes for you to choose from.
Tactile Material Finishes:
Soft Touch: The Soft Touch Finish is a great way to add a tactile feel to your coffee packaging. Soft Touch provides an almost velvety and buttery feel and is a great way to elevate your brand as this finish is not as commonly found in coffee packaging compared to matte or glossy finishes. Haptic Matte (Rough Touch): The Haptic Matte or Rough Touch Finish is yet another way to add an unique tactile feel to your coffee packaging. Compared to the Soft Touch Finish, the Haptic Matte Finish has a more sand papery feel. It is a great and cheaper alternative to a kraft material. Haptic Matte Finish is a great selection if you're looking to stand out from the crowd as it is still one of our newer offerings and although there is an increase in demand and popularity for this finish, it is still uncommon in the Specialty Coffee market.
Metric Ovah
Unique and Stand Out Material & Finishes:
EVOH: EVOH is a see-through material and more commonly seen used in European markets. In the United States, this material is commonly found in use for more premium coffees. Although the EVOH material is see-through it does provide quite an adequate amount of protection for your coffee. However for more extended coffee shelf life, we would recommend placing EVOH bags in a box unless you determine there is enough turnaround or demand for your coffee that the box can be omitted. The EVOH material can be combined with other finishes such as Matte, Soft Touch and Haptic Matte. Pearlescent and Holographic Finishes: Pearlescent and Holographic Finishes are a great way to quite literally shine on the shelf. Pearlescent finishes gives your packaging a soft luminous glow, much like the reflective surface of a pearl. This is a great finish to have if you're looking for a soft and delicate sheen that adds a touch of glam and uniqueness to your coffee packaging. Holographic finishes create a captivating and dynamic visual effect that involves a spectrum of colors and shifting patterns. Holographic finishes are a great way to achieve an eye-catching aesthetic.
At Savor Brands, we offer a wide variety of customizable options for everything from custom coffee packaging to custom boxes and mailers and more. If you have any questions or want more information, contact our team to get started!

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