Why should you invest in custom coffee packaging?
Custom packaging allows you to express your individuality and build a strong brand identity, which in turn forms brand recognition and loyalty. Custom packaging is another added touch for your business to really showcase who you are, what you represent, and build a bigger and loyal customer base. Having your own custom branded packaging has the power to create new opportunities for your business and increase profit margins. The Savor Brands Team is excited to start this journey with you and we’re going to guide you through every step! (woohoo!)
Step 1: Your Brand
Before we dive into the nitty gritty of custom coffee packaging, take a minute to define your brand and goals: What kind of story do you want your packaging to convey? What goal do you want to achieve with your packaging? Are you rebranding? Are you aiming to be represented as a more premium brand? Looking for something more sustainable? Do you plan to cater to big retailers? Premium grocery? Farmer’s markets? Ecommerce? Café? Having a good understanding of your packaging objectives and your goals will lay the groundwork for the following steps.
Savor Brands
Step 2: Picking the Right Print Process
Everyone is unique and you can’t choose the wrong print process, just the right one for you! At Savor Brands, we aim to help you pick the best print option to fit your needs. We offer both Digital and Rotogravure printing. Having a hard time choosing between the two? Just ask us for some samples! We tailor pick every sample pack we send over to you because we believe samples are key in helping you determine the best direction for you. Furthermore, our sample packs are complimentary and free of charge! We believe the best way to decide which print process to choose is to have physical samples to touch and feel so you can learn about the different materials we offer as well as conduct fill tests.
Step 3: Choosing the Perfect Bag
Now that you have the samples and picked the print process - what’s next? This step is split into two parts. The first part is selecting the perfect coffee bag style + closure type! With the many options available, some things to keep in mind when making your decision are your overall aesthetic, budget, and the functionality of said packaging. You will also need to determine where you want to retail your packaging. Keep in mind the requirements at big box stores will differ from grocery retail. Try to envision your brand in the different samples provided and think about what kind of coffee experience you want to give your customers. Do you want them to have a nice wide opening to scoop coffee out? Are they grinding in-store or at home? Once you decide the bag style + closure we can then cover how to pick the right material structure for your custom packaging. I’m sure when reviewing the samples, there were some materials that piqued your interest!
Let us know and we’d be happy to provide you with a Preliminary Quote at this time. However, if you’re still unsure of the material, we can hop on a call and discuss your options. There are some materials that are trendier than others so reach out and we can give you the scoop! With all the material options available, take into consideration the retail turnaround time of your coffee, what kind of coffee experience you want your customers to have, and if you plan for your customers to drink the coffee in one sitting or across multiple days/weeks. Based on your answers, we may provide some additional recommendations/insight so that you are making the best decision possible for your packaging. Our goal is to help you create packaging that both you and your customers will love!
Step 4: The Design Phase
The Design Phase is where you really get into the fun part of exploring your brand and creating something that represents you and the stories you want told. After you notify us of your bag style and material choices, we will send over a dieline + artwork submission guidelines for your designer to begin the design process. There is no time limit during this phase. We’ve seen a range of 2 weeks and even up to 2 years! So, design at your own pace - your timeline is our timeline. Here at Savor Brands, whenever you submit your final artwork, we always have our Pre-Press Team look over/proof your artwork and issue you a Final Quote- All our pricing is inclusive of chosen bag specs / degassing valve / shipping to door The Pre-Press Team is here to work in tandem with your designer to ensure what you’re envisioning will translate into a physical printed product. They will double check all artwork and provide constructive feedback as needed to make sure your final printed packaging is as beautiful as you envision it to be.
Design Phase
Step 5: The Home Stretch
Once our Pre-Press Team has completed the proofing process, they will send over a final artwork approval form called the Pre-Press Approval. This is your final once-over on your artwork and if no additional changes need to be made, you sign off on the Pre-Press Approval and we can move onto the final step: The Sales Order + Approval Packet. As soon as you fill out the Sales Order + Approval Packet and issue payment – your order will then be submitted into production and our lead time will begin. After this step, it will be very hands off on your end. Since we have our own Logistics Team, we will be handling all the shipping to door (for USA customers only) and we will be the ones to provide you with regular shipping updates!
Step 6: Celebrate!
CONGRATULATIONS! Take the time to celebrate! Attaining custom packaging is no easy feat. It takes a lot of work and planning. This is a huge step to take for any business. We’re so excited for you and can’t wait for your launch.
(Optional) Step 7: Ask us about our Mobile Coffee App
Ever wanted an App for easy mobile ordering? Ask us about our Savor Live White Label App! Not only does it have mobile ordering and livestreaming but also mixed, augmented, and virtual reality! Schedule a demo with us today and find out how to incorporate this into your business!
Savor Live App on Phones
Ready to make your custom coffee packaging dreams come true? Contact our team to get started! **All images used with permission from our Partners: Metric Coffee, Creation Coffee, Nostalgia Coffee Roasters, Alma Coffee.

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