Taking your coffee bag design to the next level doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here are 3 simple ways you can maximize your bag design:
1. Find the Best Bag Style to Match Your Design Selecting the proper bag style has a huge impact on your design due to the amount of surface area available for artwork placement. For example, the Quad Seal Flat/Box Bottom bag style has five different panels you can design on while the Stand-Up Pouch bag style only has three panels. There are many factors that go into selecting the right bag style for your custom coffee bag such as:
  • Brand Identity
  • Bag Size
  • User Convenience
  • Shelf Life
  • Cost
Here are some of the popular bag styles we offer at Savor Brands:
  • Quad Seal Flat/Box Bottom (QSBB)
  • Quad Seal V-Cut (QSV)
  • Side Gusset V-Cut (SGV)
  • Stand-Up Pouch (SUP)
Unsure of which bag style to pick? Our team is available to discuss with you all our available options and help aid in determining the best fit for you! Fun Fact: Did you know the Flat/Box Bottom bag style is the most popular coffee bag to design.
Savor Brands x Kaffeelix 2024 Pono Bag

Savor Brands x Kaffeelix 2024 Pono Bag

2. Select the Right Coffee Bag Material/Finish that Pairs with Your Design Choosing the right material and finish for your coffee bag can affect not only your design but also how your brand is conveyed. For example:
  • Our Kraft material would be a good match for anyone looking for a rustic-esque and artisanal aesthetic. The textured feel and natural tones of the Kraft material bring about a charming and homely touch.
  • If you're looking to achieve a premium and luxurious coffee bag, opt for our Soft Touch material. The luxurious velvety touch of this material exudes the sense of sophistication and quality while providing a delightful sensory experience to your customers which all aids in elevating the overall perception of your brand and product.
Every project is unique, and the Savor Brands team is here to work with YOU in determining the best material/finish to showcase your design and brand the best. Reach out to our team for more information on all our material and finish offerings.
Memli Coffee Lab: 12oz Stand-Up Pouch Bag

Memli Coffee Lab: 12oz Stand-Up Pouch Bag + Soft Touch

3. Focus on Your Coffee Bag's Visual Impact There are many different ways we can make your design pop at Savor Brands. Here's just a few:
  • Transparent Ink: This is one of the most popular features we offer. Transparent Ink is a wonderful way to achieve a metallic and shiny look to any of your design elements.
  • Spot-Gloss: Great for a subtle POP to specific parts of your design without distracting too much from your overall brand aesthetic.
  • UV-Emboss: A fun way to integrate texture to your coffee bag design and create a unique tactile experience for your customers.
Send us your art file and the Savor Brands team will work collaboratively with you on the best way to enhance your design.
Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co.: 12oz Quad Seal Box Bottom

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co.: 12oz Quad Seal Box Bottom + Matte Film

Pro Tip: Get Some Fun Labels Complete the look with some custom labels to tie in all your design elements on the retail shelf. Not only do labels add to the creativity of your design but they are also a very popular, convenient, and cost effective solution when you have multiple SKUs. For label recommendations, feel free to reach out to the Savor Brands team.
2 Nostalgia Coffee Roasters Bags with Fun Labels

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters: 12oz QSBB + Matte Film

Taking your coffee bag design to the next level isn't that daunting if you know where to start. Keep these 3 things in mind and your custom coffee bag will be as stunning as you envisioned it to be. The Savor Brands team is here to help you every step of the way - contact us today to get started!

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