In recent years, you may have noticed an increase of flat/box bottom bags or what we call it here at Savor Brands - Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB), on your local retailers' shelves.

Here's 5 reasons why the QSBB bag style has been rising in popularity:

1. Branding Opportunities
The flat/box bottom bag style offers a large surface area for design with a total of 5 customizable panels. You'll be able to include tons of branding and product information in your bag design that will not only create an aesthetic appearance but also enhance your brand visibility. Fun Fact: Savor Brands offers printing on both the exterior and interior panels of the bag!
2. Stability, Structure, and Shelf Presence
The quad seals of the bag create a cleaner and more structured look, especially when filled. These additional seals allow the bag to sit upright on the shelf with zero lean which adds to the bag's overall visual appeal.
3. Consumer Usability
This bag style is great for consumer convenience. Whether the bag comes equipped with a zipper or tin tie closure, the flat/box bottom bag style allows the consumer to effortlessly reseal the bag and store their coffee securely with peace of mind.
Drink Coffee Do Stuff Coffee Bag Front and Back Panel

Drink Coffee Do Stuff (CA)

4. Versatility
Not only does this bag style look amazing on shelf but it can be used for many different products as well! We've had partners fill candy, teas, and so much more with this bag style. The options are truly limitless.
5. Modern Appearance
Due to the ever increasing popularity of this bag style, just switching to this bag style will help immensely with brand recognition. By moving away from the status quo of regular gusseted bags, it will make your brand a stand-out on the retail shelves due to the flat/box bottom bag's unique silhouette.
Mahalo Coffee Roasters Bag Front and Back Panels

Mahalo Coffee Roasters (TN)

At Savor Brands, we offer many different material finishes/features to give your packaging that extra POP on the shelves. This popular bag style is offered in both our Rotogravure and Digital print processes. Contact our team to see how you can enhance your retail shelf presence!

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