Madeleine Longoria Garcia and Brittany Horn are the co-owners of Pacific Coffee Research. They do not have a lot of formal titles here but Madeleine manages the education and communication departments while Brittany does a lot of human management along with managing their revenue department. Brittany also teaches courses in the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Program. Pacific Coffee Research's lab is located in Makalei Estates just off the highway in Captain Cook, South Kona. During the Pono Collective, students will be able to experience a coffee tasting and have the opportunity to taste a bunch of coffee grown all over the Hawaiian Islands. There will also be a tour of the facility and farm to really showcase the supply chain. Students will also learn more about the huge diversity in the range of coffees grown in Hawai'i. Ranging from different climate zones, different varieties, and different processing methods. Coffee is such a complex product and one of Madeleine's favorite things is that you can never truly know everything about coffee and there are constant opportunities to learn more and has kept her in coffee for nearly 15 years. The Pacific Coffee Research team is excited to meet and welcome the Pono Collective students!
Co-owners of Pacific Coffee Research: Madeleine Longoria Garcia and Brittany Horn
About Pono Collective:
Pono Collective provides culinary students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree by registering for this four-day, multi island event showcasing Hawai'i grown coffee. This holistic approach grants the students access to professionals and helps foster an understanding of the diverse roles within the coffee value chain. The opportunities provided by Pono Collective help students not only develop a better understanding and appreciation for coffee but also helps them discover new ways to utilize their education that go beyond the kitchen by being able to form connections in other fields such as agriculture, science, and business.

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