Kapi'olani Community College students with the Honolulu Coffee Company team (2022 Pono Collective)

Honolulu Coffee Company
Kona coffee grown on the Mauna Loa slopes, Honolulu Coffee Company uses fresh green Kona coffee from their farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The green beans are then sent to their experience center in Honolulu for them to be roasted. Check out their site to learn more about their Kona coffee's farm to cup journey.
Try Coffee
Try Coffee is located in Box Jelly - a co-working space. Co-owner Timothy "TK" Yamada has brought in 250+ different coffees from over a dozen of different countries. Eight of which were Cup of Excellence auctions, and four in the top five for their region. He also brought in coffee used in the World Coffee Barista Competition, World Coffee in Good Spirits, and multiple regional competitions. Stop by Try Coffee for a unique coffee experience!
Drip Studio
Drip Studio is a canvas of culinary creativity. They are more than just a restaurant but more of a heaven for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs of baked goods. Their menu of global roasts, traditional, and signature brews make them a stand out amongst O'ahu's cafes.

Timothy "TK" Yamada of Try Coffee presenting at the 2022 Pono Collective.

Timothy "TK" Yamada of Try Coffee
Special thanks to our friends at Drip Studio & Honolulu Coffee Company for participating in the 2024 Pono Collective.

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