Vincent Pōhaku and Kelsie Mercado-Uehara are co-owners of Drip Studio located in Downtown Honolulu, HI. Vincent is the brewer and builder while Kelsie is the baker, social media manager, and creative toast director.
Drip Studio
Drip Studio specializes in specialty single origin coffee. During Pono Collective, you will learn more about single origins, brewing, and how we do it intentionally to bring out all the flavors and characteristics of a really good single origin coffee. Vincent and Kelsie are very passionate about coffee as it is an expression of art. Every single person can do it differently and you can make the same coffee in so many different ways. The owners of Drip Studio are looking forward to meeting and sharing some delicious coffees with you all!
About Pono Collective:
Pono Collective provides culinary students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree by registering for this four-day, multi island event showcasing Hawai'i grown coffee. This holistic approach grants the students access to professionals and helps foster an understanding of the diverse roles within the coffee value chain. The opportunities provided by Pono Collective help students not only develop a better understanding and appreciation for coffee but also helps them discover new ways to utilize their education that go beyond the kitchen by being able to form connections in other fields such as agriculture, science, and business.

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