The Pono Collective is a catalyst for experiential learning and is designed to connect students and professionals alike. We're honored to have partnered with Kapi'olani Community College to expand the knowledge of Hawai'i's local coffee industry. We're excited to provide the opportunity for students to discover, experience, and connect with Hawai'i's coffee industry and the local community.

What is Pono Collective?

Savor Brands has spent the last few years developing the Pono Collective with Hawai'i rooted education and engagement. The foundation of Pono Collective is built upon Savor Brand's own core values of kindness, mindfulness, and always striving to do the right thing. In Hawaiian culture, all those values can be summed up with one word - pono. What began as a non-credit pilot project, the Pono Collective now provides culinary students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree by registering for this four-day, multi island event showcasing Hawai'i grown coffee. This holistic approach grants the students access to professionals and helps foster an understanding of the diverse roles within the coffee value chain. The opportunities provided by Pono Collective help students not only develop a better understanding and appreciation for coffee but also helps them discover new ways to utilize their education that go beyond the kitchen by being able to form connections in other fields such as agriculture, science, and business. The success of Pono Collective has also expanded outside of the coffee industry. Through our engaging and effective instructional format, it has served as a model for other food related industries to collaborate with culinary programs to allow their students to discover, experience and connect.
Pono Collective 2024:
The Pono Collective is a celebration of coffee and champions which allow roasters and producers within the coffee supply chain to connect and foster new relationships with culinary programs, students, and restaurants to promote the art of Specialty Coffee. This year's Pono Collective, we're excited and honored to have the 2023 US Roaster Champion, Andrew Coe of Elevator Coffee (OR) as a special guest!
2023 US Roaster Champion: Andrew Coe
2024 Pono Collective Hawai'i Itinerary:
January 12, 2024
  • Coffee Sensory hosted by Savor Brands
January 13, 2024 January 14, 2024 January 15, 2024
How to Register for the Pono Collective?
Kapi'olani Community College students are able to register for this 1-credit course (CULN 297B) through their registration portal.
  • The last day to register without the $30 registration fee is Jan 7, 2024.
To learn more about course registration you can visit:
KCC Culinary students conducting coffee sensory training
By being part of Pono Collective, you will not only learn but taste and experience Hawai'i grown coffee. It is our goal to provide the opportunity for students and coffee professionals to connect and create lasting relationships within our local community to inspire the next generation of coffee and culinary professionals. We're delighted to share with all of you this year's Pono Collective. Special thanks to Honolulu Coffee Company, Pacific Coffee Research, Big Island Coffee Roasters, Culinary Institute of the Pacific, and Andrew Coe for your participation and to all of those that made Pono Collective possible.
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