Greater Goods Coffee Co. was founded in 2015 by Khanh Trang and Trey Cobb. They are a small-batch roasting company with a mission to make a positive impact on their communities both locally and at origin through a carefully curated selection of responsibly sourced specialty coffees. The Greater Goods Coffee Co. team travels far and wide from Mexico to Vietnam to source the world's best beans for you. Check out Austin, Texas' best small-batch coffee roastery - Greater Goods Coffee Co.
Greater Goods Coffee Co. owners: Trey Cobb and Khanh Trang.

Greater Goods Coffee Co. owners: Trey Cobb and Khanh Trang.

Design: The 12oz packaging from Greater Goods Coffee utilizes our spot-gloss feature, adding a subtle shine to several design elements. For their 5lb packaging, they use our transparent ink feature to enhance their logo and branding. Both sizes maintain color consistency and branding with a matte varnish finish. Functionality: Greater Goods' has 2 SKUs with different bag styles: 12oz Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) and 5lb Quad Seal V-Cut (QSV). Their 12oz QSBB and 5lb QSV bags both have a resealable pull tab closure for your convenience. Material: 12oz: Matte Varnish + Spot-Gloss. 5lb: Matte Varnish
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**All images used with permission from Greater Goods Coffee Co.

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