Metric Coffee started in 2013 as a collaborative effort between Darko Arandjelovic (Founder of Caffe Streets) and Xavier Alexander (former Roasting Manager at Intelligenstia) to bring their shared vision of quality coffee and service to life. Last year, Metric Coffee became a certified B Corporation that verifys and furthers their standing on Metric's social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Follow along Metric Coffee's journey and experience some of the best coffee you can find in Chicago, Illinois.
Owners (left to right): Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic.

Owners (left to right): Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic.

Design: Metric's coffee bags has some of the coolest and cleanest designs. The added tactile finish (Haptic Matte Varnish) on their packaging provides a unique consumer experience due to the rough/sand papery feel that is not typically seen in coffee packaging. Metric Coffee has different SKUs, for some of their more special coffees you can find them in a transparent see-through material called EVOH. They also added the unique tactile finish to these bags for consistent branding across all the SKUs. Functionality: Metric's family of bags are provide consistent branding across the board. All of Metric's coffee bags boast a resealable pull tab zipper for ease of use. Material:
  • 12oz / 2lb / 5lb Retail: Haptic Matte Varnish
  • 12oz: Haptic Matte Varnish + Evoh
  • 8oz: Haptic Matte Varnish + Evoh
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**All photos used with permission from Metric Coffee.

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