Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is founded by awesome human: Taylor Fields. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is committed to doing their part in protecting the earth, are deeply caring about their coffee farmers/producers, and all the while roasting some damn good coffee. They're committed to sustainable business practices through ethical sourcing of goods and striving to reducing their carbon footprint every day. Every year, 5% of their revenue is directly given back to their producers as Nostalgia Coffee Roasters thrives to provide the next generation of producers and minority owned coffee farmers/producers a fair and equal wage. Did you know? Over 50% of their coffee is produced by women-owned farms (so cool!). San Diego, California's based Nostalgia Coffee Roasters award winning coffee is definitely a must try!
Nostalgia Coffee Roasters (CA) Founder: Taylor Fields

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters (CA) Founder: Taylor Fields

Design: Nostalgia Coffee Roaster's gorgeous bag utilizes a feature we call hot stamp for their shiny, metallic, and very eye catching logo and branding. Their side panels also showcase some fun and funky artwork. Functionality: This is a Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style. They utilize a resealable pull tab zipper for ease and consumer convenience. Material: Matte Film.

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**All photos used with permission from Nostalgia Coffee Roasters.

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