Introducing our 2024 Pono Coffee Bag collab with Felix Teiretzbacher!
Design: The collaborative bag showcases Felix's 2022 World Coffee Roaster Champion badge and various design elements using transparent ink. Additionally, it incorporates a range of colors and spot gloss to demonstrate how diverse design features can synergize and transform a coffee bag into a visually stunning product and work of art. Functionality: Side Gusset V-Cut with no closure. This bag boasts a wide opening, ideal for effortlessly scooping or pouring coffee beans. Material: Matte Varnish + Spot-Gloss
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2024 Savor Brands x Kaffeelix custom Pono coffee bag collab.

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About Kaffeelix: Ever since its founding in 2012, Felix stands at the roaster every week. Kaffeelix sources green coffee directly from local producers and from trusted distributors. They specialize in light roasting as it highlights the characteristics and tasting notes of the region, origin, type of coffee processing, and does not hide a coffee's natural flavor. More about Felix:
  • Felix won the 2019 Austrian Coffee Roasting Championship and again in 2022.
  • In 2022, Felix became the World Coffee Roasting Champion.

Savor Brands Interview with Felix Teiretzbacher

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