Ever wondered how some roasters achieved that brick aesthetic with their coffee packaging? Here is a detailed guide on how you can achieve that look as well with your current coffee packaging.
Option 1: Tin Tie The most common method for achieving the brick look is by using a tin tie closure. Don't have a tin tie closure? No worries! Here are two alternatives for all coffee packaging with no closure or with a zipper closure that works just as well! Option 2: Labels Utilize a fold over label that covers both the back and front panel. Option 3: Resealable Tape Resealable tape is a great option for coffee bags with no closure. This option functions similarly to the label option, and your retail customer can use this resealable tape as a closure to preserve the freshness of your coffee. Unsure which option to select? Reach out to the Savor Brands team and we will assist you in picking the best fit for your business!
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Where do I start? The initial step is to determine the number of folds or rolls required to achieve your desired appearance. Once you determine that, let us know and we can provide you with some label company or resealable tape recommendations! Reach out to the Savor Brands team with any additional questions.

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