Here is everything you need to know about Savor Brands' newest eco-friendly and sustainable packaging option:
COMPOST+ is Savor Brands' industrial compostable packaging material. We developed this material to be sustainable while also offering sufficient protection for your coffee. With packaging only accounting for a mere 3% of the total coffee supply chain's carbon footprint, it is our top priority to preserve your coffee's freshness while providing you with an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging option. What is industrial compostable packaging? Industrial compostable packaging needs to be processed in an industrial composting facility as this type of packaging requires optimal heat conditions to break down. COMPOST+ Certifications:
  • BPI
  • Din Certco
Expected lead times for Digitally printed COMPOST+ packaging:
  • 5-7 weeks (including production + shipping to door)
Are you ready to bring sustainability to your coffee packaging? Contact the Savor Brands team today to get started ⤵
Savor Brands Compost+

Savor Brands Compost+

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