With coffee packaging only accumulating 3% of the coffee supply chain's total carbon footprint, it's important to ensure your roasted coffee stays fresh for as long as possible. Aluminum foil coffee packaging is the most protective material on the market, but is it truly sustainable? At Savor Brands, we have created a sustainable solution for all of our aluminum based coffee packaging: Introducing Savor Brands' R+R® Program: R+R® is a reprocessing and repurposing program. Our R+R® Program is the sustainable solution for all aluminum, paper free, and non-compostable coffee packaging. Your packaging will be upcycled and given a second life by our partners: ByFusion and HydroBlox. Check out the cool things ByFusion and Hydroblox does with our upcycled coffee packaging here. How to join the R+R® Program: All partners who print packaging with Savor Brands will be eligible to participate in the R+R® Program. Want to know more? Contact our team to learn more and how to enroll in the R+R® Program today!

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