With over 22+ years of experience in flexible packaging, we're proud to offer digitally printed coffee bags to you! Here's what to expect when you work with us on achieving your custom packaging dreams:
Efficient and Collaborative Service 🤝 At Savor Brands, our Digital Print Process is designed for ease and creativity. We offer fixed bag dimensions and styles, but this doesn't limit your design options. You can enjoy full coverage printing on all panels, including the interior. Our team works collaboratively with you and your designer to ensure your vision is production-ready, bringing your dream packaging to life.
Java Kai Kauai coffee bag.

Java Kai Kauai 10oz coffee bag.

Fast Turnaround Times and Logistics 📦 Our DIGITAL print process boasts a super quick turn around time of just 5-7 weeks. This lead time includes both production + shipping to door. For our U.S. partners, we take care of all logistics, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our dedicated Logistics Team will provide you with regular order updates, allowing you to focus more time growing your business.
Java Kai Kauai coffee bag's bottom panel.

Java Kai Kauai 10oz coffee bag bottom panel.

All Inclusive Pricing 👍 We make it easy by providing you all inclusive pricing. Everything from your chosen bag specs, degassing valve, and even shipping to door (for U.S. partners) are covered in the price we provide you. When you order with us, there are no additional add-ons or charges to worry about.
Java Kai Kauai 5lb coffee bag.

Java Kai Kauai 5lb coffee bag.

At Savor Brands, we're here to make obtaining custom branded coffee bags as easy as possible. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help turn your dream packaging into reality! **All photos used with permission from our friend and partner: Java Kai Kauai."

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