Ozo Coffee Company was founded in 2007 by Justin Hartman. Since then, they have based their growth from their core principles of service, quality, community, and sustainability. Ozo Coffee works to support coffee producers and farmers all across the world by sourcing ethically and sustainably grown coffee. Many of the coffees that Ozo Coffee sources are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified.
Ozo Coffee Company Founder: Justin Hartman

Ozo Coffee Company Founder: Justin Hartman

The Ozo Coffee team utilizes compostable and recyclable packaging materials across all aspects of operations. Savor Brands is proud to collaborate with Ozo Coffee Company not only with their coffee packaging but also with our R+R® Program. Bring back your 12oz Ozo Coffee bag to any of their locations for the bag to be upcycled and repurposed! Check out one of Ozo Coffee Company's numerous locations in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado, to savor exceptional coffee and witness their sustainability efforts firsthand.
Design: Ozo Coffee Company's stunning design features spot-glossed coffee plants. The gloss was applied at a lower percentage to seamlessly blend the plant design with the coffee bag, creating a subtle and elegant appearance. Ozo Coffee distinguishes its various coffees with beautifully designed and colorful labels. Functionality: Ozo Coffee chose fully customized Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag dimensions. The resealable pull tab zipper provides a convenient storage solution for their customers. Placing the zipper on the back panel allows the Ozo Coffee team to utilize the entire front panel for their labels. Material: Matte Varnish + Spot Gloss.
**All photos used with permission from Ozo Coffee Company

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