Our friends and partner Arriyadh Roaster recently launched new coffee bag designs. If you're in Saudi Arabia, be one of the first to grab some of Arriyadh Roaster's delicious coffees in their brand new packaging! Arriyadh Roaster تطلق أكياس قهوة جديدة! أطلق أصدقاؤنا وشريكنا في Arriyadh Roaster تصاميم جديدة لأكياس القهوة. إذا كنت في المملكة العربية السعودية، كن أحد أولى الذين يحصلون على بعض من قهوة Arriyadh Roaster اللذيذة في تغليفها الجديد تمامًا!
أكياس القهوة الجميلة الجديدة

Arriyadh Roaster's New Coffee Bag.

Design: Arriyadh Roaster's designs are meticulously planned and well thought out. Their use of different bag materials distinguishes between their various coffees while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Functionality: All of Arriyadh Roaster's coffee packaging are a Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style with a DOY zipper. The DOY zipper is a top opening zipper similar to that of your ziploc bag opening and different from the pull tab zippers; normally associated with the QSBB bag style. The DOY zipper allows Arriyadh's customers to easily open the bag to pour or scoop coffee. Material: Bag 1: Glossy Bag 2: Matte Film Bag 3: Soft Touch Bag 4: Matte Varnish + Spot-Gloss
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**Image Courtesy: Arriyadh Roaster.

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