Three Coffee is a Dubai (UAE) based company. They aim to have the coffee industry move toward more sustainable growth through fostering origin partnerships that result in a positive impact throughout the whole coffee value chain. Check out their Acid Makes Coffee Better podcast to learn more about the specialty coffee industry in the Middle East.
Three Coffee Co-Founder: Drew Dennehy (Dubai, UAE).

Three Coffee Co-Founder: Drew Dennehy (Dubai, UAE).

Design: Three Coffee's stunning bag features the popular squatty box bottom bag style with fully customized bag dimensions. Their logo shines through the use of holographic foil, making their branding truly stand out. They also utilize belly bands to complete their branding for each of their unique roasts. Functionality: The squatty Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style is not only trending but also allows for a wider resealable pull tab zipper for consumer convenience. Material: Matte Film.
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Three Coffee 250g coffee bags.

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**Image Courtesy: Three Coffee IG.

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