Est. 2017, The Echo Machine team is constantly looking for the best single origin green coffee for their cafe. Their coffee is always specialty grade and is sourced from producers all around the world. They go by a simple principle "We enjoy only the highest quality of coffee, and we share only what we enjoy." If you're looking for a high quality cup of coffee in Abu Dhabi, UAE - The Echo Machine is a must visit.
أكياس القهوة الجميلة

Founder of The Echo Machine: Asma AlSuwaidi.

Design: The Echo Machine demonstrates thoughtful branding across their 250g and 1kg SKUs. They have fully customized the bag dimensions for both, choosing bright, vibrant colors that complement their café space for a cohesive brand identity. Functionality: The Echo Machine has two SKUs - 250g and 1kg with the Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style. For a better consumer experience, both SKUs have a resealable zipper closure for easy use and storage. Material: Matte Film.
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The Echo Machine 250g (pink) and 1kg (yellow) coffee bags.

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**Image Courtesy: The Echo Machine IG.

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