Looking to incorporate a softPOS system into your coffee shop, cafe, or roasting business? Here are four advantages a softPOS may help boost business! 1) Effortless Self-Ordering:
  • Reduce wait times and boost customer satisfaction by offering customers their own self-checkout kiosk.
  • This system will allow customers to order and pay directly using any iPad. (Perfect for peak hours or high traffic cafes with limited space!)
2) Create a Convenient Contactless Experience:
  • Customers can use your softPOS to place orders and checkout (customers do not need to download your app to utilize this system)
  • SoftPOS allows you to benefit from lower card-present transaction rates whenever customers swipe or tap their cards thus increasing your net profits.
3) Adaptable to Your Needs:
  • The beauty of softPOS is its versatility. This system can function as a cashier-assisted point of sale system or a stand alone self-order kiosk.
  • Tailor your softPOS system to fit your business needs - whether that means opting for a cashier-free environment to free up your team, maintain a traditional set up, or even integrate both approaches!
4) Streamlined Workflow:
  • Manage your softPOS system from the same Partner Portal you use to manage your app.
  • The Partner Portal allows you to oversee all in-store and mobile orders in a centralized place.
All you need is an iPad and a credit card dongle to tap into a broader customer base and discover new revenue opportunities for your business. Contact the Savor Live team to learn how to incorporate this system into your day-to-day operations.

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