Did you know that over the past decade, the percentage of mobile internet traffic making up all internet traffic has risen from 17.02% in 2013 to 60.28% in 2023? Here's 8 reasons why you should invest in your very own custom branded mobile coffee ordering app through the Savor Live Platform:
1) Communication:
  • Notify your customers of events, promos, weekly specials, or new holiday menu items!
  • Offer customers special promos only available through your app.
**Ask us about the Rewards Program feature! 2) Pick-Up Orders:
  • Allow customers to skip the line and order ahead for their favorite drinks, bakery items, or coffee roasts from anywhere with your own custom-branded app!
  • In-store pickup and/or delivery checkout is available all within a single transaction.
3) Shipping Orders:
  • Expand your reach and cater to a broader customer base by offering shipping for your products.
  • Our system automatically calculates shipping costs.
Fun Fact: All shipping is calculated within the Savor Live Mobile App Platform Partner Portal! 4) Support Multi-Location Businesses:
  • Manage and customize menus and cater to each location or pop-up's unique needs!
  • Customers will be able to select their desired pick-up location and if location settings are enabled, your app will be able to suggest the closest pick-up location to them!
Showcasing the Savor Live App Platform's multiple locations feature.

Showcasing the Savor Live App Platform's multiple locations feature.

Boost Revenue with Easy Ordering for Customers: 5) Frictionless Payments:
  • Offer secure and flexible, contactless payment options through the app, allowing customers to self-checkout quickly using their credit/debit card or their e-wallet!
  • This reduces lines during high traffic times and frees up staff for other tasks, creating a smooth ordering and checkout experience.
6) Streamlined Operations:
  • Manage your entire operation from the Partner Portal, simplifying product management, inventory control, and order fulfillment.
7) Reduced Fees, Increased Cash Flow:
  • Our system utilizes an e-wallet feature, improving cash flow with immediate revenue deposits and reducing transaction fees associated with frequent, low-value credit/debit card purchases.
8) Avoid App Store Commissions:
  • With your app's built-in payments platform, you will be able to bypass commission percentages from the Apple App store and the Google Play Store.
Coffee Shop Line.
With the rise of mobile internet traffic and ordering, stay ahead of the curve by incorporating your very own custom branded mobile app to your day-to-day operations. To learn how - Schedule a demo with the Savor Live team!

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