Waialua Estate Coffee and Chocolate is located on the North Shore of O'ahu and part of Dole Food Company, Hawai'i. Their World-Class Award-Winning Chocolate is made from pure local grown cacao. There are two cacao orchards on Waialua estate. The two crops have harvest seasons 6-months apart from one another allowing for employment year round for their full time crew. Waialua Estate began to diversify their crops due to the growing consumer demand for high quality Hawaiian products in the mid-1990s. Due to the antioxidant benefits of coffee and cacao, the Chairman of Dole Food Company, David Murdock was especially interested in these two crops. Waialua Estate Coffee and Chocolate emerged from this vision of healthy and nutritious food products. If you're travelling to O'ahu's North Shore, definitely stop by and have a taste of their chocolate for yourself!

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