Coffee By Design (ME)

Est. 1994, Coffee by Design has been bringing delicious artisanal coffee to Maine. Their commitment to ethical practices and consistent coffee quality even won them Roast Magazine's 2020 Roaster of the Year award.
Coffee By Design Shop

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Drink Coffee Do Stuff (CA)

Drink Coffee Do Stuff launched in 2017 by pro snowboarder Nick Visconti. They high altitude roast their coffee at 6,000ft in Lake Tahoe as it maximizes sweetness and reveals the coffee origins' characteristic.
Drink Coffee Do Stuff

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Drum Coffee (MT)

John Wick's and his wife Jenna are the owners of Drum Coffee. John is the drummer for the band Fitz and the Tantrums. Their Roasting Team spends their time researching coffee and flavor profiles to ensure the perfect roast that brings out all the best flavors of each coffee.
Drum Coffee

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Evans Brothers Coffee (ID)

Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters started in 2009 by brothers Rick and Randy, they wanted to create a company that would not only add value to their local communities but also connect their customers with the story of coffee. Over the years, they have established direct long-term relationships with producers. By fostering these relationships with producers, they are able to have a more intimate knowledge of their product.
Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters

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Junto Coffee (SC)

Since opening in 2019 by owner Alex Medina, Junto Coffee was Alex's dreamchild. Junto Coffee is led by a very talented group of customer-oriented baristas.
Junto Coffee

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Linea Caffe

Linea Caffe was launched with a simple mission to bring joy, source, roast and serve the world's finest coffee. Linea Caffe has partnered with the world's most progressive organic coffee farmers, environmentally friendly producers and importers in order to be more environmentally conscious and take action to protect the earth.
Linea Caffe

Photo Source: Linea Caffe Instagram

Noble Coyote (TX)

Noble Coyote Coffee was started by owners Marta and Kevin Sprague in 2011. They started with humble beginnings at the Good Local Markets farmer market to opening their coffee lab at Expo Park, they work to provide space for people to enjoy and explore coffee.
Noble Coyote Coffee

Photo Source: Noble Coyote Coffee Instagram

PT's Coffee Roasting Company (KC)

Co-owners Jeff Taylor and Fred Polzin started PT's Coffee Roasting Company in Topeka, Kansas back in 1993. With over 30 years in business, they have found that it is important to succeed on your own terms and the importance of focusing on superior quality from seed to cup allows their business to succeed. Their success is evident as they even won Roast Magazine's 2009 Roaster of the Year.
PT's Coffee Roasting Company

Photo Source: PT's Coffee Roasting Company Instagram

Maui Kuʻia Chocolate

Maui Kuʻia Chocolate started in 2013 when Dr. Gunars Valkirs leased farmland that would later become Maui Ku'ia Estate. They support local nonprofit communities and implement pono practices to their business operations. 100% of their net-profits are given back to the Maui community. They have previously won the 2021 Cacao of Excellence Gold Award for the Asia Pacific region and also the 2022 Good Food Award.
Maui Kuʻia Chocolate in box

Photo Source: Maui Kuʻia Chocolate Instagram

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