Over the last 5+ years, this competition has transformed some home roasters into start up coffee roasteries. Are you ready to have your shot in the dark?
A Shot in the Dark is a roasting competition presented by Genio Roasters. All competitors will receive green competition coffees to roast. Competitors will be provided with one extremely high quality specialty coffee to be used exclusively for their cupping challenge and two additional coffees will be supplied for the blending challenge. The competition can be broken down into two challenges:
  • Challenge One: Cupping - Competitors must submit 250g of the high quality specialty coffee for the cupping challenge
  • Challenge Two: Blend - Competitors will have to roast and blend the two other supplied coffee for their best espresso recipe
Competitors are able to roast their competition coffee in their own roaster and coffee roasting equipment. All green coffee will be sent out to competitors at the same time.
  • There is an entry fee of $1000.00 USD that can be paid via Bank Transfer or Paypal
  • You can only submit 500g total coffee for judging. The additional 23kg is left for you to retail in the beautiful bags supplied or to serve on bar.
This competition will be blind judged by a panel of coffee professionals (Q-Graders + Roasters) based off of a specially formulated A Shot in the Dark scoresheet. Detailed feedback will be sent to each competitor regardless of final placement.

Winners will be announced on January 23, 2024 in Dubai.

  • The winner of the competition will receive an all expenses paid trip to an origin (TBD) on the A Shot in the Dark Champions tour 2024.
Savor Brands is a proud title sponsor of the A Shot in the Dark competition. We wish all the competitors the best of luck!
A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark competition bags supplied by Savor Brands

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