Lawmakers in Kona are introducing bills that impose more stringent labeling regulations for what is considered Kona coffee. As reported by Kauai Now News, the current required Kona coffee content needed to use the Kona label is a mere 10%. These new bills are increasing the requirement to either be 51% or 100% Kona beans to use the Kona label. This will not only protect the Kona name but will also be beneficial for the farmers, allowing them to fetch the best possible prices for their coffee.
Kona lawmakers introduced these two bills regarding Kona coffee labeling laws: HB2298 / SB2481 relates to consumer protection. Establishes a timeline by which roasted coffee, instant coffee, and ready-to-drink coffee beverages that use a geographic origin in labeling or advertising are required to contain a certain percent coffee by weight from that geographic origin. HB2613 / SB2103 relates to agriculture. Expands the criminal offense of false labeling of Hawaiʻi-grown coffee to include roasted coffee. Imposes a $10,000 fine for each separate offense of false-labeling of Hawaiʻi-grown roasted coffee. Makes an appropriation for 1.0 FTE enforcement position within the Department of Agriculture.
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