After many wonderful years, Savor Brands will be stepping down as the title sponsor of the World Coffee Roasting Competition as we embrace new opportunities and ventures ahead. This decision has not come easily and our partnership with the World Coffee Roasting Competition has been a truly rewarding journey. Over the years, we have celebrated numerous milestones, fostered innovation, and built lasting relationships with many of you in the Specialty Coffee community. Our passion for coffee will always continue to drive us to new heights. We are immensely proud of what we achieved and created for the World Coffee Roasting Competition throughout our years of sponsorship. Our continued dedication to the Specialty Coffee community remains as unwavering as ever. The Pono Collective is our nonprofit that is dedicated in creating a positive impact in the Specialty Coffee industry, community, and beyond. We've partnered with many Specialty Coffee professionals and champions to create a world class farm to brew program that celebrates coffee. As we move forward, we're excited to embark on new ventures that will allow us to continue pushing the boundaries and bolster innovation for the Specialty Coffee industry. We look forward to continuing to grow the Specialty Coffee industry and community through our contributions in new and meaningful ways through Pono Collective. Mahalo, Savor Brands

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