Over the last three years, we have seen an uptick in custom frosted clear box/flat bottom coffee bags. It's safe to say that the frosted clear (also called EVOH) will be one of the trendiest coffee bags of 2024. Here are some things you should know about EVOH or frosted clear coffee bags to make sure they're a great fit for you and your business:
1) Did you know EVOH is a barrier?
  • Much like popular coffee bag barriers such as METPET and Aluminum, EVOH is a barrier or a base layer of your coffee packaging.
  • When building your custom coffee bag specs, depending on the packaging company you work with, you are able to select your barrier, bag material structure, and closure type.
  • At Savor Brands, you're able to build your own bag specs and if you need guidance, our team is readily available for assistance.
2) Why is EVOH popular?
  • EVOH is popular in Europe as it is classified as a recyclable material.
  • In the US, we do not have recycling facilities that are able to process this material. EVOH is popular in the US due to the unique look it creates.
3) What type of protection does EVOH provide?
  • Savor Brands Coffee Director, Marc Marquez conducted a study on the protection and shelf life each of the different barrier materials provides for coffee. EVOH has fairly comparable protection as aluminum, up to the first month's shelf life.
  • EVOH is a great option for businesses who have high turn around rates for their coffee.
  • For more protection for your EVOH packaging, we recommend placing them in a box.
For the most optimal protection, we recommend the aluminum barrier. 4) What materials can I select with EVOH?
  • EVOH comes glossy.
  • You are able to select additional material structures such as: Matte Film / Matte Varnish / Soft Touch / Haptic Matte Varnish (Rough Touch).
Metric Coffee EVOH Bag.

Metric Coffee EVOH Bag.

EVOH is a unique barrier and not very common in the US Specialty Coffee space. This eye catching coffee barrier material is perfect to stand out amongst the competitive specialty coffee market. Interested in learning about EVOH and if it is a good fit for your business? Chat with the Savor Brands team today to learn more! Image Courtesy: Metric Coffee.

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