¿Quieres bolsas de café personalizadas con tu marca pero no sabes por dónde empezar? ¡Te tenemos cubierto! Aquí tienes todo lo que necesitas saber cuando buscas tus propias bolsas de café personalizadas:
1) What is the best packaging for my coffee's shelf life? Of course, we offer additional barrier options such as EVOH and METPET. If you're unsure which barrier option to select, ask our team and we will help guide you through barrier selection to find the best fit for your business. 2) It's important to have in mind your desired order quantity and deadline Why?
  • Order quantity and deadline are the two biggest deciding factors on which print process you should move forward with for your project.
At Savor Brands, we provide two print options:
  • DIGITAL MOQ 2,000
Three Coffee bag.

Three Coffee (UAE).

Lead Times:
  • DIGITAL: 5-7 weeks + air shipped to door
  • ROTOGRAVURE: 9-11 weeks + shipped via ocean freight
Learn more about DIGITAL and ROTOGRAVURE printing to find the best fit for you here.
  • Need something quick? DIGITAL may be a better fit for your business.
  • Looking for something more long term + with more cost savings? ROTOGRAVURE is perfect for you!
Our team loves working closely with all of our partners. Contact them today to help you determine the best print process for your project! Fun Fact: For all our U.S. partners, we have our own Logistics Team that will handle all the shipping and logistics for you
Kaffeelix coffee bag and box.

Kaffeelix (Austria)

3) Show us your packaging inspo!
  • If you have packaging inspo, send them our way!
We love seeing what inspires you and your company and when you send us your inspo, it'll help us tailor your custom sample pack to fit your brand direction. Our team will work collaboratively with you to provide additional options and suggestions to best achieve the desired packaging look. 🤔 Looking to complete to look?
  • At Savor Brands, we offer a range of additional packaging options from roll-stock, boxes, mailers, spouted pouches, and snack food packaging. Contact our team to learn more about these additional packaging options!
Metric Coffee Gift Set.

Metric Coffee (IL).

4) Where are you retailing + long term goals?
  • When you print with us, we're your partner for the long run! We know everyone's business goals are different but we love to ask all our partners their long term goals to set up their packaging for future success! When it comes to custom coffee packaging, it's important to keep in mind your current retail space as well as your future retailing goals. Our team will work collaboratively with you to ensure your packaging not only fits your current needs but will be able to seamlessly transition over as your business grows!
Little Wolf Coffee interior.

Little Wolf Coffee Roasters (MA).

Ask us about our Custom Mobile App Platform and how it could be beneficial for your business!
  • Savor Live is a mobile app platform designed for the Specialty Coffee space. This customizable platform allows you to create your very own custom branded app that only showcases your branding in the app stores. This app platform is able to plug and play into your day-to-day operations with features such as ordering ahead, e-wallet, and one-off payments. For those of you who utilize QuickBooks and Square, we also offer integrations into those programs for a seamless transition.
¿Estás listo para comenzar el viaje hacia el empaque de café de tus sueños? Contacta a nuestro equipo hoy mismo para convertir tus sueños en realidad. ✨ Imagen Cortesía de: Kaffeelix, Little Wolf Coffee Roasters, Metric Coffee, and Three Coffee.

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