Since launching our low MOQ DIGITAL print process, we have helped many Hawaii small businesses achieve their dream custom coffee packaging.
Why choose Savor Brands?
  • We've worked with businesses all across the Hawaiian Islands over the last 22+ years.
  • We're conveniently based in downtown Honolulu. Feel free to stop by our office for an in-person meeting.
What are DIGITAL printing MOQs?
  • Our DIGITAL print minimum is 2,000pcs per SKU.
  • Additional price breaks available.
Lead times?
  • Our lead time for DIGITAL printing is 5-7 weeks.
  • All our DIGITAL printed orders are air shipped to door.
How many colors can I print?
  • You can print an unlimited amount of colors with our DIGITAL print process.
What closures are available?
  • Tin Tie
  • Zipper
Can I receive pricing?
  • Yes! Our team custom tailors your Preliminary Quote. Pricing is dependent on your chosen bag specs / interest.
Is shipping included in my pricing?
  • Yes, we include shipping in our pricing.
Who handles the shipping?
  • We have our very own Logistics Team that handles all the shipping and logistics for you. When you print with us, you never have to worry about where your order is. Our team will provide you with regular order and shipping updates.
Are you ready to start your creating your dream custom coffee packaging?
  • The Savor Brands Team is ready to assist you whenever you are.
**Image Courtesy: Origin Coffee Roasters Maui.

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