Summer is the optimal time of the year to start planning your holiday coffeee bags. Here are 3 reasons why prepping your holiday packaging in July will help your coffee sales this holiday season:
1) The design phase of your coffee bags typically takes the longest. By prepping your holiday bags in the summer time, you're ensuring you'll have plenty of time to perfect your holiday design. 2) As we near the holiday season, delivery times can be hectic and shipping delays can occur. By printing your holiday bags early, you'll be receive your packaging ahead of the peak holiday season. 3) By having your holiday bags printed and ready to go, you allow for your marketing team, ample time to prep a well thought out marketing campaign to built customer engagement, anticipation, and orders.
Need Holiday Bags ASAP? Check out our Digital print process.
  • Our Digital print process has lead times as quick as 5-7 weeks and minimums as low as 2,000pcs per SKU.
Looking for custom holiday bags? Check out some of our box work below:
  • Box MOQ: 1,000pcs
Whether you're looking for flexible packaging or boxes this holiday season, Savor Brands is your one stop shop! Reach out to our team today to see how we can help you this holiday season!

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