We often get asked when is the best time to plan for holiday themed packaging and we always recommend the earlier the better! If you're looking for a more specific answer, we would suggest the summer time and here's why...
1) Design
  • Designing your holiday themed coffee or food packaging can be a lengthy process. We recommend starting sooner than later to ensure you have ample time to perfect your design.
2) Delivery
  • Starting your holiday themed packaging earlier can ensure a timely delivery of your packaging ahead of the peak holiday season where there is higher potential for shipping delays.
3) Marketing
  • Having your packaging ready well in advance can allow for your team to develop a well-coordinated marketing campaign for the holiday season. Being able to plan your holiday launch early, provides the opportunity to create a buzz around your holiday line and build customer engagement and anticipation.
Here at Savor Brands, we offer many options to ensure you're able to have your dream holiday packaging this 2024 holiday season. For custom flexible packaging, we offer two print processes:
  • Rotogravure printing is perfect for long term holiday packaging designs if you plan to utilize the same design for years to come.
  • Digital printing is great for any last minute holiday packaging decisions due to its quick lead time.
  • Want to know more about these two print processes? Learn more here.
Looking for other custom holiday packaging options?
  • Ask our team about custom boxes and belly bands
Tradition Coffee Roasters Box and Belly Band.

Tradition Coffee Roasters Box and Belly Band.

By planning your holiday packaging during the summer, you're setting your holiday launch up for future success. Ensuring that you have enough time to refine your designs, manage production, integrate your packaging with a successful marketing strategy, and ultimately lead to a successful holiday season. Image Courtesy: Tradition Coffee Roasters (HI) and Ferris Coffee and Nut Co. (MI).

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