We're so excited to announce 2024's World Coffee Roasting Champion. Taiyang Liu (China)
  • Taiyang is the owner of Pincle Coffee, located in Nantong, China. He has been working in the Specialty Coffee industry for the last 9 years and competing for 3.
Congratulations Taiyang Liu 🇨🇳 on placing first at the 2024 World Coffee Roasting Championships in Copenhagen!🎉🎉 🥇 Taiyang Liu 🇨🇳 China 🥈 Mateusz Derkacz 🇵🇱 Poland 🥉 Andrea Trevo 🇦🇹 Austria 🏅 Chenglei Diao 🇨🇳 China Thank you and appreciation to all the competitors, judges, volunteers, and attendees that made this year's World Coffee Roasting Competition successful. Checkout 2023's World Coffee Roasting Champion (Taipei) here.

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