It was a pleasure to attend the 2023 A Shot in the Dark Competition and we're stoked to announce this year's winners.
1st Place Winner:
Ajeyudu Reddy of a Brewing Gadgets Trading. Ajeyudu started his coffee journey in 2010. He deepened his knowledge of roasting through experimentation, educational courses, and personal research. Coffee roasting is both science and he enjoys the complexity of it.
2nd Place:
Peter Akingbade of Laura Coffee and Bakery. Peter was drawn to roasting due to the profound commitment to quality. He is determined to learn the "why" of roasting rather than simply just roasting. With this purpose it has led him on a path of expertise and exploration. To learn more about Ajeyudu and Peter, check out their full interview on the A Shot in the Dark site.
Savor Brands with the 1st and 2nd place winners of the A Shot in the Dark Competition

Left to right: Peter Akingbade, Stephanie Gonzalez, and Ajeyudu Reddy

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