Your coffee business deserves fast and on time delivery for all your custom packaging orders! At Savor Brands, we recognize the challenges of logistics and understand the pressure it can put on our partners, particularly when faced with deadlines. That's why we've taken the initiative to manage all logistics for our U.S. partners. This allows you to dedicate more time and energy to your business. We spoke with our Logistics Manager, Flora to see how she makes it all happen behind the scenes. Flora is our logistics pro, with over nine years of experience handling logistics for Savor Brands. During meeting and negotiations with our supply chain partners such as ocean carriers and trucking companies, Flora always focuses on their company values and if they align with ours. This ensures that she can trust them to give all our partners the same service we expect. Logistics is more than the delivery of goods. You're looking at a range of operations starting from order processing, warehousing, packaging inventory, and transportation. Interested in learning more? Check out Flora's interview ⤵
Savor Brands Logistics Manager, Flora.

Savor Brands Logistics Manager, Flora.

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