The Savor Brands team had the pleasure of working with Damien O'Brien, the founder of Coffee Foundation and The Mental Health Association (a non-profit in Switzerland) over the past year on their beautiful coffee packaging. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we're proud to share Damien's story and highlight how he is making a difference in Switzerland by providing greater mental health support.
Coffee Foundation: After his own personal battle with mental illness and tragically losing both his mother and brother to suicide and addiction, Damien created this charity to utilize the ritual of shared coffee as a means to create a conversation-friendly safe space to break the taboo surrounding mental health and mental illness discussions. "I believe there is a new communicating method that resonates with a new audience and believe Coffee Foundation does that in buckets. With the world drinking 2.6 billion cups of coffee per day, just imagine the potential if just some of these were moments to TAKE FIVE and for real connections and conversations to break the biggest and last taboo in society. Our brand is designed to evoke emotions, even the most sensitive ones, and shine a light of hope and understanding. We have not shied away from the term "Crazy" but instead, embraced it, disarming its venom and transforming it into a symbol of resilience and courage. We have also tackled the subject of suicide in our brand, successfully disarming it and making it safe for consumption even within a family environment." - Damien O'Brien
The founder of Coffee Foundation and The Mental Health Association, Damien O'Brien.

The founder of Coffee Foundation and The Mental Health Association, Damien O'Brien.

Why Coffee? A shared coffee is the perfect setting to reconnect with people. Trust your gut instinct if a loved one, family, friend, or coworker is showing worrisome signs in regards to their mental health. You don't need to be an expert to TAKE FIVE* minutes to talk. Download Coffee Foundation's conversation guide as a tool to help start that conversation.
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