94 Celcius was founded by Marc-Alexandre in 2017. His dog, Simeon joined him in 2019. With Marc-Alexandre's background in biochemistry and pharmacology, he finds that many aspects of his academic training are in coffee roasting. He started 94 Celcius due to his love for flavors and food. 94 Celcius coffee is never bitter and always fair. They are constantly building and refining their knowledge of roasting. Check out Montreal, QC, Canda's best tasting and never bitter coffees!
94 Celcius owner Marc-Alexandre and his dog Simeon.

94 Celcius owner Marc-Alexandre and his dog Simeon.

Design: 94 Celcius coffee bags are thoughtfully designed with labels to differentiate their roasts and blends in mind. Their beautiful labels steals the show and are designed to complement their packaging. Functionality: This bag is a Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB). They opted for a pull tab zipper for their customer's convenience. Material: Matte Film.
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Image Courtesy: 94 Celcius.

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