When you print coffee bags with us, you never have to question if you've got the legit valve in your coffee packaging. When we first met Malte Jonsson (VP of Sales and Marketing at WIPF AG), we knew we had to work and partner with them as it was the pono thing to do. Ensuring your coffee stays fresh with the highest quality packaging barrier and degassing valves is our top priority. We all must do our part in protecting the integrity of the coffee producers, your roasting expertise, and the coffee supply chain should never be compromised. About WIPF: A family owned company since 1914, WIPF has been working and testing the one way degassing valves for almost 50 years. Learn more by visiting WIPF.ch. Fun Fact 🤩: We partnered with WIPF for valves in our 100% industrial compostable packaging. For our other plastic high barrier packaging, the WIPF valves do NOT need to be removed before going into your R+R Box (R+R Program) to be upcycled with either ByFusion or HydroBlox.
**Pono in Hawaiian means to do what is right.

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