The team at Epic North Coffee Roaster believes that life is short and you should do something amazing everyday while drinking great coffee. Epic North Coffee Roasters work with top green coffee importers for some of the best green coffee the world has to offer. These importers work directly with the farmers to establish long-term relationships whilst improving production and sustainability for their farms and families. Try some of Canada's most EPIC and delicious coffee with Epic North Coffee Co.
Epic North Coffee Co. coffee bags outdoors.

Epic North Coffee Co. coffee bags outdoors.

Design: Epic North Coffee Co.'s bag designs stand out for their use of the glossy effect, which makes specific elements of their design truly pop! Their pink SKU features a stunning metallic pink gradient that is accentuated by the glossy effect. These bags showcase how glossy elements can enhance any design and make a big impact on your shelf presence. Functionality: Both of Epic North Coffee Co.'s 12oz QSBB (Quad Seal Box Bottom) bags have a pull tab zipper closure for easy reseal-ability for their customers. Material: Matte Varnish + Spot-Gloss.
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Epic North Coffee Co. 12oz bags.

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Image Courtesy: Epic North Coffee Co.

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