Pono Luxx is one of two of the Pono Coffee bags we debuted at the 2024 Chicago SCA Expo. What is Pono Luxx?
  • Pono Luxx is our premium packaging line that showcases the latest and greatest in luxury and innovative packaging development.
Why Pono Luxx?
  • Pono Luxx is geared towards the Specialty Coffee space for the limited edition and special coffee lots.
What was the inspiration behind Pono Luxx? We spoke with our talented designer, Mahsa to learn a bit more of her inspiration behind Pono Luxx: "The Luxx bag's light mint green color suggests freshness and sophistication, while the gold lettering hints at luxury and quality. These colors together give off an elegant vibe, aiming for timelessness. The abstract, embossed lines add to the bag's high-end look, attention to detail, making it visually and tactilely appealing." - Mahsa Want a sample of the Pono Luxx bag?
  • Contact our team for one and ask us how we can best help you create your dream coffee packaging.

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